JSB STRATON JUMBO DIABOLO .22 Cal - 5.5mm - 500pc


JSB STRATON JUMBO DIABOLO .22 Cal - 5.5mm - 15.89grns - 500pc

Do you want to experience a little bit of adrenalin of a real hunter? Our Straton pellets have pointed design which provide you with demanded penetration. Enjoy the feeling of hitting and destroying your target no matter if it is an asphalt pigeon, metal squirrel or wooden rat.

Characteristics: A real hunter number one choice! The pointed design for better penetration. This lighter variant is suitable for most of the low and middle power air guns. It is produced in universal variant as follows: weight 1,030g and 5,50mm. Muzzle velocity is 175 m/s if the power of airgun is set to 16J.

SKU: 546238-500